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8. When Addressing Non-Muslims

One of the fundamental rules of da’wah is that a lot of it is reflected in our behaviour and manner. This is a very simple principle explained in the Qur’an in 6:108 about dealing with non-Muslims – do not insult their gods because in retaliation and ignorance, they will insult ours.

Muhammad SAW was sent as a mercy to mankind. Our role is to spread a legacy of mercy and manner.

If a non-Muslim tries to lead us into a dispute, walk away. In internet terms, it means, delete or ignore and even block, especially if the comments are obscene, spiteful and blasphemous.

If you feel the need to engage, be merciful. A very good hint is, talk about the good of Islam rather than the bad of the other's faith. Try to find the common ground, and engage in sensible discussions. If your starting point is by insulting, being nasty and screaming for attention, no one will listen to you. Don't blame anyone if you are met with hostile comments in return!

Similarly, do not intrude on non-Muslim websites to spread Islam. I have seen Christian websites plastered with aggressive comments by Muslims. This is disrespectful, to them, to us and to both religions. If we cannot give respect to others, then we do not deserve any in return. How can we invite anyone to Islam when the qualities we show are so appalling?

It is enough that one or two rude sentences from you will turn them away forever from Islam. Similarly, one or two beautiful sentences might open their hearts and will be a cause in saving their souls.

Final Thoughts …

Whatever you post will be read again and again and again, until it is deleted. If you have made mistakes before, please beg Allah for forgiveness. Go back to that post or comment, and delete or edit as necessary. Make your words are witness for you for your journey to Paradise.

You will not be questioned by Allah about what the other person did ... but you will be questioned about how YOU reacted.

If you want respect from others, remember it originates from Allah, as does dignity. This is earned through suppressing one's arrogance, being humble, and constantly emulating qualities beloved to Allah and Rasulullah SAW, online and offline.

Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah SAW said, "I was sent to perfect good character." (Bukhari)

May Allah make us good ambassadors of His faith, ameen.


Abdullah Jangulli's picture

Jazak Allah khairen for this wonderful advice.

Sanusi Kamaldeen's picture

Beautiful advice from our brother. May Allah increase in him in knowledge. Aameen

Naazneem Khan's picture

Very good advise I agree with you may Allah swt always guide n protect u n improve your knowledge on giving more n more advise insha allah

yuunus muhammed qorzim's picture

This is the job which all prophets have came for. They came for the purpose of showing people the right path and giving good advice. May God reward you for the efforts you have done.

sabeeha jamal's picture

Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatuh !!!

May Allah SWT Bless Our Brother in his efforts for writing this article .....and I especially liked the illustrative examples he used to drive the point home !!
I pray to ALLAH SWT to Bless the Brother with greater Knowledge and Wisdom and Bless him in all his efforts and count his work as Ibadaah and accept it as Sadqa e Jariyah !! Ameen !

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