February 2019

Building bridges with the non-Muslim communities -part 3

Step one - seek knowledge and supporting the truth

Is our purpose in life to benefit each other or to hate each other?

How can we be surprised if the host countries are tired of our behaviour, in taking advantage of the social services, escalating crime and gang violence, and bringing offensive habits from our own countries. Who is really to blame?

Parting advice

Marriage is the nucleus of the ummah. Islam would not have flourished and developed had Allah not sent a handful of devoted, responsible and committed Muslims to spread the message of Islam. Before the migration from Mekah to Madinah, some of the residents of Madinah secretly met with Rasulullah SAW to grant him their pledge and allegiance. They made an oath with their lives, money and possessions, through thick and thin, for the propagation of the message.

Marrying someone who is Muslim in name only?

Many are willing to marry a non-Muslim provided that the person reverts to Islam from a paperwork point of view. The revert will declare the shahadah and signs the necessary paperwork, but is Muslim in name only. The indicators of the person's lack of believe in Islam are usually obvious, but often the intended spouse prefers not to see the truth. In some cases, the spouse is aware of the lack of belief, but is contented to carry on with the marriage – in short, selling the deen for the love of a man or woman.