February 2019

PART 16 – The sustenance of a believer

At the end of time there will be a severe drought (the duration of which varies according to reports) which will cause widespread famine. The only water and food available will be under the control of the Dajjal.

So how will the believers fend for themselves during this horrific time? Rasulullah SAW advised that the sustenance of the believers during this time will be tasbeeh, hamd and tahleel.

PART 15 - Avoiding the Gaps

If we do not fill our thoughts with Allah, then the chasm in our minds will be occupied by Shaitan and everything but Allah. Shaitan will not directly persuade us to ignore Allah, but he will weave different issues and digressions in our heads. He will subtly instil us with desire, temptation, emotion, love or hate, until we are so busy thinking about these matters that Allah completely slips away from the picture.

PART 14 - Types of Zikrullah

Zikr and thinking are the beginning of the journey to iman. They are also the only actions we can perform in the final minutes of our lives, even when our bodies are too feeble for physical worship and good deeds. Many are unable to utter a simple "la ila ha ilallah" in their dying breath, because at the moment of death, the truth of the aggregated actions in life will be laid bare, and by that time, the tongue will only be able to verbalise the truth in their hearts. 

PART 13 - The marriage of fikr and zikr

At our pinnacle of fikr, we will also achieve the highest level of zikr. At this peak, our zikr will correspond with the value of our fikr.

Thinking motivates action. A normal human being would always aspire for greater things and pursue things close to his heart. He would disengage his mind from things he is not interested in, but if something captures his attention, that is all he will be able to think about.

Building bridges with the non-Muslim communities -part 3

Step one - seek knowledge and supporting the truth

Is our purpose in life to benefit each other or to hate each other?

How can we be surprised if the host countries are tired of our behaviour, in taking advantage of the social services, escalating crime and gang violence, and bringing offensive habits from our own countries. Who is really to blame?