July 2019

The Essence Of Hajj - Part 6


Next, make your way to the mount of Safa to start your sai’ee. Walk between the mounts of Safa and Marwa seven times. Every time you reach either mount, face the Ka’bah and make du’a. You can prepare these beforehand (as suggested previously), or supplicate for whatever comes to your heart. However, make the supplications sincere and meaningful. Don’t just wish for dunia success, but instead, give more emphasis on achieving a successful akhirah.

The Essence Of Hajj - Part 3

The significance of hajj

Many people tend to overlook the main purpose of the hajj, and are preoccupied with the hotel arrangements, the menu and the transport.  During the hajj itself, we are distracted by the dinner buffet, making new friends, and the seating arrangements on the coach. As the Muslim world grows more affluent and superficial, hajj and umrah are treated like vacations rather than a time of purposeful worship.