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Lowering our Standards

I was watching a YouTube video of a Muslim comedian. She was wearing a hijab and that's where the Islam began and ended. Her jokes, which were directed to a Western audience, tried to show the lighter side of Islam, but ended up being distasteful and crude by any standards.


I met a wonderful brother who is a volunteer at one of our local masjid. We heard one day that his wife passed away, but he was back at the masjid a couple of days after her demise, performing his routine volunteer duties as usual such that one would not realise that her death affected him unless one looked for the subtle changes in his normal demeanour.


As children, we could not wait to grow up, and we were impatient for the next party to get the chance to blow out our birthday candles.  As teenagers, we yearned for adulthood, and to be seen as responsible people. In our early twenties, we want to be taken seriously, especially if we have just joined the workforce and are at the bottom of the career ladder.