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It's a Hijab, not a Halo!

I’m still a newbie at this; at a stage where the wardrobe malfunctions have been reduced, but not quite at the stage where I’m used to the slight loss of peripheral vision when I drive. I have yet to figure out a graceful way to wear my sunglasses or use my iPod without messing up the whole symmetry of my scarf. I still don’t know how to sleep comfortably on long haul flights without the worry of my whole scarf coming undone. But these are minor issues, which I’m sure time will solve.

All About Hijab - Part 1

A three part article on a sister's journey towards covering up

A few months ago, I was waiting for the dentist, wondering why they were taking so long to call my name after the appointed time. The answer came about forty-five minutes after my appointment – they hadn’t recognised me even though I was seated right in front of the receptionist.

A Mother's Marriage Advice to Her Daughter

A snippet for you to think about. There are certain things that are key to a happy marriage, regardless of what society we live in, how modern we are, how successful our careers are or whether our husbands are farmers, doctors or businessmen. Read the following with an open mind, with the main issue being, do you want a happy marriage, or is it more important to promote your own personal desires, to win every argument, and to put your own personal demands above the harmony of the marriage?