In another account, after explaining the coming of the Dajjal and the horrifying events that follow, the following Hadith describes in detail:

"... and it will be at this very time that Allah will send Isa, son of Maryam who will descend at the white minaret in the eastern side of Damascus, wearing two garments lightly dyed and placing his hands on the wings of two angels. When he will lower his head, there would fall drops of water from his head, and when he will raise it up, drops like pearls would scatter from it. Every disbeliever who will find his (i.e., Isa's) smell will die and his smell will reach as far as he will be able to see. He will then search for Dajjal until he will catch hold of him at the gate of Ludd (village near Jerusalem), and will kill him. Then the people, whom Allah will have protected, will come to Isa son of Maryam, and he will wipe their faces and will inform them of their ranks in Jannah, and it will be under such conditions that Allah will reveal to Isa these words: `I have brought forth from amongst my slaves such people against whom none will be able to fight, so take these people safely to the mountain.' And then Allah will send Ya'juj and Ma'juj (Gog and Magog people) and they will sworn down from every slope. The first of them will pass the Lake Tabariyah (near the Dead Sea in Palestine) and drink all its water. And when the last of them will pass, he will say: `There was once water there.' Prophet Isa (AS) and his companions will then be so much hard-pressed that the head of an ox will be dearer to them than one hundred dinar, and Isa along with his companions, will make supplication to Allah, Who will send insects which will attack their (Ya'juj and Ma'juj people) neck until they all will perish like a single person. Prophet Isa and his companions will then come down and they will not find in the earth as much space as a single span which would not be filled with their corpses and their stench. Prophet Isa and his companions will then again beseech Allah, Who will send birds whose necks will be like those of Bactrian camels, and they will carry them and throw them where Allah will desire. Then Allah will send down rain which will spare no house in the city or in the countryside. It would wash away the earth until it appears like a mirror. Then the earth will be told to bring forth its fruit and restore its blessings …'" [Muslim] (part of a longer hadith)

Lessons learnt:

Throughout the history of mankind, every time the Almighty sent messengers and prophets to convey His message to mankind, the disbelievers always asked for proof. The Creator, according to His own wisdom, chose different miracles for different times. Even then, we can see human being's stubbornness, arrogance and argumentative nature, and even denying his own faculty and basic common sense when the Creator shows him the miracles.

In the story of Isa AS, the people went into two deep trials. First, in the presence of Isa AS, the disbelievers denied him even after witnessing all the miracles they asked him to produce. In fact, their disbelief increased in spite of the miracles they saw.

The second group was so impressed by all the miracles that later on in history, they went the other extreme and claimed that Isa AS could not have been a human being. They generated Christianity with the basis of, depending on the denomination of Christianity, Isa AS being either God or the son of God or a part of the divine trinity.

Isa AS never got married or owned property, and like all previous Messenger and Prophets, had a beard. He greeted his disciples with greetings of "Peace be upon you." He prostrated to the ground in worship. As with the people during his time, some have chosen to imitate his life to the extreme, while others chose the status quo to remain in dunia. This is no different from all the earlier cycles of humanity when a prophet and messenger was sent amongst them.

The main message of Isa AS warns us against the material life and how it pollutes the heart and soul of humanity. When the religious message becomes tainted through corrupt dissemination by the leader or follower, it leads to people becoming completely astray. We, Muslims and non Muslims alike, are in this condition because of corruption, ignorance and even neglecting or fighting the truth. In every era, a very small number seek the truth and the majority seek corruption. However, the truth, by the will of God, will always be apparent for those who sincerely seek it. All the miracles, and all the incidents were only to help the people to believe.

If you are a Muslim, thank Allah for His guidance, learn your faith thoroughly and try to help others to understand by understanding your own faith. As Muslims, we have a lot of work to do to save our soul and help others.

As a final word, this is not intended to be a discourse of Islam v Christianity. If you are interested in this topic, there is plenty of material, online and in printed materials, that we will be happy to refer you to and which you can research independently.

A Short Note about the Bible

According to Muslim scholars, even the Arabic terminology of "Injeel" is misunderstood. The Injeel as mentioned in the Qur'an refers to the sacred scriptures given by God to Isa AS, while the Bible originally means the Holy Book. Hence the Bible as described above, is not to be confused with the Injeel or gospel described in the Qur'an.

Unlike authentic Hadith, where the chain of transmission is carefully recorded to protect authenticity (the criteria for an accepted chain of transmission includes the moral integrity of the transmitter as well as his ability to listen and record accurately), no equivalent record is maintained in the chain of transmission regarding the additional texts to the modern day Bible.

Added to the fact that much of the original message was lost in translation (the transition from Aramaic to Greek or Latin, when historically Isa AS lived amongst the Hebrew speaking Bani Israel who had no association with these languages), it is doubtful as to which of the passages of the Bible are from the pure scriptures. From the already unauthenticated versions in Aramaic, Latin and Greek, the Bible was then re-translated into English, German and other European languages, adding to the misinterpretations of the translators and scholars.

There is not a single version of the modern day Bible which is unanimously agreed to by Christian scholars as being the unadulterated and definitive version of the Bible, due to its many versions and revisions. It is not just variances caused by translation, but also the substantive contents, which differ from one version to another, and the constant reinterpretations and new editions over the passage of time. These various versions of the current Bible are not in conformity with each other. The current version of the Bible contains some of the words of God, some of the words of Isa AS, and the remainder cite the texts and opinions of others such as John, Luke, Paul and Matthew.

There is also a "red letter" editions of the Bible, where instead of quotation marks, texts claimed to be from the original word of God and Isa AS are marked in red. We do not intend to provide a commentary on this, save that on a high level reading of it, such passages make up a fraction of the contents. Hence we leave it to the reader to analyze and draw his own conclusions on whether the current form of the Bible, if seen in totality, can be stated authoritatively to be the sole word of God.

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