Introduction to Reflections
Walking the Muslim footsteps

A Muslim is encouraged to think, and even simple every day experiences, the people we meet, chance occurrences and events that happen in life are always an invitation by our Creator to contemplate.

Life is rich, and made richer by what we experience and what we share.

This is a space where we share our thoughts, and yours.


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Jazakallah for excellent tafseer of Qur’an and articles

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Excellent Tafsir and articles

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Excellent Tafsir and articles

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Hi my name is Muhammad Umar I just became a Muslim what do I need to do and I am a child

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Salaam alaikum,

Yesterday, I was chatting with a colleague and she was proud to show me the ‘nice bottle’ of local alcohol she’d bought as a gift for her daughter. So I asked, ‘you let your daughter drink? And she goes, ‘yes, she’s 27, she’s old enough.’ I was amazed, thinking, does she even realize that as a result of this alcohol she would be harming severely her daughter; what would this one do when she drinks this and what would she let others do to her? I was amazed that parents can severely harm her kids out of ignorance. And amazed at the mercy of Allah who has guided us to not harm our children alhamdulillah. I do feel bad for not using the opporunity to share the goodness of Islam, but she was buried under loads of paperwork and I felt it wasn’t the right time.

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Wa alaikum salam. Very sad indeed, and the alcohol is not so much the problem but a symptom of the problem. We have Muslim parents allowing their teenage children to drink alcohol under their supervision on the excuse that it's better that it's done in front of them and not behind their backs. The problem is ignorance, lack of iman and also arrogance which blocks them from being humble to the commands of the Creator.
It is said that when we see such things, we should be thankful that Allah guided us. We should also make du'a for those who are still in darkness, and hope that they will be guided. This is the first step. One thing we have learnt also is that when no one is seeking our advice, what we say will fall on deaf ears. Therefore, be patient, make du'a for your colleague and the daughter - remember that what matters the most is the ending, and maybe insha Allah, they will move on to a much better phase in life.

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