The Most Beautiful Names of Allah - Introduction Part 2

Knowing that everything that happens in life originates from the One who created you and loves you, will make you remain calm in all conditions. Whatever He ordained for you is for your goodness, whether you love or hate it. If you are a believer, you will love whatever happens to you because it comes from Allah. Whether a situation of surplus or deficit, it has a wisdom, only if you surrender and comprehend. The deeper your understanding of the attributes of Allah, the more you can live the journey of iman in a state of tranquility. You will be filled with inner happiness whatever the external situation.

A hadith states that whoever does not thank the people, does not thank Allah. This is profound because if you thank people, you are not just thanking them for their sake, but at a deeper level, you are also thanking Allah for allowing them to have done whatever action it is that you are thanking them for.

The ultimate bounty is to know the Creator and to live in every aspect with the qualities of the One who created you. Every one of His attributes has a beautiful wisdom. Every moment we fail to remember Allah, we should feel sad, and everytime we remember Him, we should feel happy and secure even during our ultimate tragedies.

This awareness is crucial, because if we forget these dynamics, we will become like a child who busies himself with a borrowed toy, and when the owner wants to take that toy back, the child gets upset, and he forgets that the owner, as the lender of the toy, is entitled to take it away at any time. Instead of showing gratitude, a spoilt child will become nasty and forgets who the giver and the taker is. This is similar to our behaviour with Allah when we forget that He is the Owner of everything, even our lives, and has the right to take back whatever He wishes.

The scholars unanimously agree that you will never be a believer unless you are steadfast with the names of Allah, knowledge, comprehension, believing, calling Him with them and living it as a role model.

May Allah allow us to get to know Him, live with His names, and comprehend and respect His qualities. May we try to honour His bounty to us by obeying Him to the best of our abilities. This is the journey of the most beautiful names of Allah, the journey of belonging, happiness and success. It is a journey that will make you free, happy, secure and elevated with the quality belonging to Allah which makes Allah love you and leaves a legacy on this earth which make you belong to Him Insha Allah.

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