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The best of stories

Allah SWT calls the story of Yusuf AS the best of stories. It contains all kinds of trial to one person – envy, jealousy, hatred, thrown into the darkness to the unknown and left for dead, to be sold as a slave, to be seduced by a woman and to live as a slave in the palace of an elite family and to be treated as a criminal and thrown in jail. Despite all this, he kept his faith and kept thanking Allah and even continued his da’wah in jail. He never lost hope, and he always focused on his journey of faith.

Allah SWT promised that those who have faith and patience with Allah to elevate them in dunia and akhirah. This is what happened. His case was dismissed, he was proven innocent by his own accuser. The gift of Allah to him of interpreting dreams was a cause orchestrated by Allah for him to later on became the King’s interpreter of dreams. What we can learn from that is that the promise of Allah will always be true and will arrive in the time Allah ordains.

Not Relying on Allah

Also we can learn the mistake Yusuf AS did when his heart swung for a moment and asked one of the released prisoners to remind him to the King. Instead Allah made this man forget and He punished Yusuf AS to extra years in prison, because the main lesson in here is that a person should not look to anyone for support except to Allah. This is very difficult unless your faith is really intact.

Victory from Allah

Finally, we see that the victory and support of Allah to those who belong to Allah. Allah gives assistance and support for His slaves.

When you look into the Mekkan verses of the Qur’an, especially the chapters on Messengers and Prophets which were revealed to Prophet SAW during the toughest moments of hardship, this was a lesson to show the Muslims the sunnah of Allah in the past, and that it will never change. When you read the chapter of Yusuf AS, after the story finished, Allah gave the final thought to the ummah of Muhammad SAW. Allah summarizes what He wanted from us and what His advice was and what the promise will be. Read the last few verses of this chapter slowly and carefully, and you will see the beautiful message to the whole ummah, a live message to the individual, family, collective and nation until the end of time.

Trial after Trial

Please reflect and remember that in any given moment in your life, you will pass through one of many parts of the story. To succeed, there is very basic element: faith, patience, trust in Allah, trust His promise and rely on Him 100%. Remember that all of us are living with a message, which is to be a role model and to convey the message to mankind. Today we live huge dramas of our family and personal affairs to the point that we have no time and heart for the message and even to be a role model. Don’t be unnecessarily occupied, because the ending is already decreed by Allah and will take place one way or another.

Any deviation from this advice will lead to the opposite: fitnah after fitnah, calamity after calamity, and you are not going anywhere, dunia or akhirah.

Don’t ever forget that the decree of Allah will take place, whether we like it or not, agree or disagree. The lucky one is the one who goes step by step with Allah and does not show any rebelliousness or deviation from the message.


When Yusuf AS met his brothers, he forgave his brothers and never blamed them, but instead blamed Shaitan. When the family prostrated before him, when he was in the station of the elite and titled, he humbled himself and begged Allah to make him die as a Muslim. Here we see the ultimate humbleness and humility in returning all the goodness to Allah. He asked Allah to make him die as a Muslim and resurrect him among the pious people, never claiming that he was pious himself.

May Allah SWT allow us to see and comprehend our stages in life at any given time, and make us a real believer, stand firm with our faith, and continue spreading the message, regardless of all the odds, waiting for the opening and victory from Allah.

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