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Life is more than a daily routine, and what we make of our lives can be so enriching if we follow the right path. There certain fixed criteria for us to follow – the guidelines that save us from getting lost in the chaos of our own lives; give us a foothold when things around us crumble; navigate us out of the turmoil of life; and lead us from darkness to light.

Islam starts from the heart, and the inner journey is a continuing one. Once our inner journey starts, we will understand how to quell our fears, confront our weaknesses, eradicate our negative traits and strengthen ourselves. It is with the inner journey that we can find contentment and happiness, for we have to be happy with our own company before we can light up the lives of others. It is our inner strength that fuels our outward actions.

Follow in the path that we were meant to take, to become who we were created to be … follow the footsteps of a Muslim.

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  1. Life from the inside is better than from outside in. Starting from the heart. It to me is the best way to make sense of life. I realised i have more times live life the wrong way.
    I want to feel my heart again. I trust if i use my heart my life will become better. It is the right path. The noble path. The highest fullfilment of life. It has peace. It has self conciousness. It is fulfilling the wish of Allah. Allah knew me best and created me. If i follow my heart am with Allah and living his plans for me. I found my peace and heart again.

  2. How do i feel my heart or listen to my heart?
    How can i change. Want to know more about how my heart works. What signals to pick up or how to read my heart? My instincts feelings and emotions? How to apply my heart under situations? 05/24/2020 – 20:59.

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