May 2019

Between Islam, culture and material life

Divisions between us are growing on a daily basis, even between groups of supposedly pious Muslims. When infused with other elements such as the colonial legacy, culture and our materialistic desires today, the Islam practiced today is a very muddled version of the original Islamic teachings. How do we disentangle ourselves and practice Islam the way it should be implemented?

Why are Muslims divided?

Part 4 - Patience at the first blow

The Prophet (SAW) passed by a woman who was crying over a grave and said, "Fear Allah and be patient.'" She said, "Away from me! My calamity has not befallen you and you are not aware of it.'' The woman was later told that it was the Prophet (SAW) (who had advised her). She came to his door where she found no doorkeeper. She said, "(I am sorry) I did not know you.'' Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, "Patience is (becoming) only at the first (stroke) of grief". [Bukhari & Muslim]