Excessive Emotions and the Drama Queen

Even their emotions were driven by the desire for jannah. Women are known to be jealous, but the early Muslim women channelled their jealousy towards winning the race to jannah. What was unbearable to them, was that if another outranked them in paradise!

Why the drama? 

When our iman has evaporated and we do not have a purpose in life, the power of our genetic disposition will direct us to ugly places. In some women, this negative energy, lack of purpose in life and spiritual emptiness is funnelled towards creating drama.

Blinded by the high nafs and with no contentment or purpose in life, such women occupy their time by making dramas out of everything, even if it means hurting themselves and destroying their families. They thrive on the attention and generate situations out of nothing.

It is not easy to be purely for Allah. When the heart is devoid of Allah, then we make it easy for Shaitan to occupy that space. He then instils negative emotions – insecurity, self-obsession, discontentment, self indulgence - which then propels some to be drama queens. Each dramatic episode only consumes the person's life with more time wasting behaviour that detracts from the worship of Allah.

If one is busy with good deeds, zikrullah, understanding the condition of the ummah, with a sense of responsibility and accountability to Allah, there will be no time or need to create a drama out of everything. If the iman strengthens, the genetic tendencies will be suppressed. If the iman diminishes, the inborn personalities will be uncontrolled. If feelings are not governed by Allah, we succumb to greed, envy, competition, arrogance, selfishness, hate, worry, stinginess, arguments, and all the other diseases of the heart.

All the above deficiencies can be cured with remembrance of Allah and being mindful of the meeting with Allah.

Allah has honoured women with unbelievable qualities. At the peak, they are the mothers of the nation, but at the lowest they can also be the downfall of the nation if they have no purpose in life.

Therefore, to answer the original question: If I am a Muslim woman, with the right cause which is taking care of the ummah from every aspect, I have no time to make drama. The drama comes when the genetic dispositions overpowers the iman, when the person drifts and the goal is not intact in the heart.

May Allah honour us and make us the people of akhirah, ameen.

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