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Think about it. You may be living in this life but in reality you are in the intensive care unit by the will of Allah. Allah leaves you to do whatever you can or whatever you want, and when the time comes, if He loves you, He will purify you by illness or calamity before you die. This is a great hope, and the silver lining for all of us. He purifies you to take you from this life with a pure heart and complete surrender to Him.

In the old days, people used to say that Allah SWT has a constitution. Whoever loves Allah, Allah will love him. Whoever needs Allah, Allah will give him and whoever makes Allah sufficient to them, Allah will take care of their affairs.

One of the main calamities in the ummah today is that the status of a human being and “success” is founded on money, status, looks and material life. In the old days, the status of a person was determined by his iman and manner.

And if not that a disaster should strike them for what their hands put forth [of sins] and they would say, “Our Lord, why did You not send us a messenger so we could have followed Your verses and been among the believers?” (Al Qur’an 28:47)

On the Day of Judgment the hypocrites, those astray and the disbelievers will scream that they wished that they had been sent a Messenger or someone to remind them. Yet, the promise of Allah is that no one will ever die until he gets the message. Even if he is living in the heart of the jungle, Allah promises to transmit to him a message in a way he can comprehend, with no exception.

But it’s the lucky ones who are in a humble state and seeking guidance who will understand the message. Hence, Allah will allow them to receive the message, hear it, believe it and act upon it. This is the reality of guidance.

The ultimate elevation is the real comprehension of the deen by a believer. He attributes every incident to Allah and believes in full certainty that nothing can happen in this life without the will, knowledge or wisdom of Allah. However, the majority do not realise this. For example, look at the Qur’anic stories of persons such as Fir’aun, Qarun and others, who never got the message despite all the signs in front of them.

When a disbeliever dies, the earth becomes happy and says that one wicked soul is gone. Everyone benefits from his demise. When a good believer dies, the earth and sky cry and say we used to have a blessing from his blessing.

So be careful and don’t revert to the sins, ingratitude or disobedience to Allah. There is a big difference between Allah allowing an incident to occur and how we reacted to it. We cannot blame the sins on Allah, but once it’s done, Allah wants us to make taubah and seek forgiveness. For the repentant, Allah will be so happy to the point that when a person commits sins and goes back to Allah:

Reported by Anas bin Malik Al-Ansari (RA): Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “Verily, Allah is more delighted with the repentance of His slave than a person who lost his camel in a desert land and then finds it (unexpectedly)”. [Bukhari & Muslim].

If you get to know Allah, you will immerse yourself in the relationship with Allah and will spend your time in the obedience of Allah. You will be aware that you need this relationship in every moment, through ups and downs, obedience or disobedience, weakness or strength, wealth or poverty, guided or misguided. Once you come to the full realisation that you need Allah and want Him, He will be for you and with you, regardless of how many sins or goodness you have committed in the past. What He cares about is your belief in Him, your gratitude to Him and your poverty towards Him.

Study about how miniscule the earth is with all that it contains, the solar systems and galaxies, and the more you realise how small and insignificant we are and who we are dealing with.

This journey will be full of happiness, peace and tranquility even through the ups and downs. May Allah accept us to be amongst the accepted ones until we meet Him and He is pleased with us.

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