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Thawbaan (RA), the freed slave of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) related that the Prophet (SAW) said:

“The nations shall gather and team up against you (i.e., Muslims) as the predators gather and team up against their prey.” Someone asked, “Will that be because of our small numbers at that time?” He replied, “No, you will be numerous at that time: but you will be froth and scum like that carried down by a torrent (of water), and Allah will take the fear of you from the breasts (hearts) of your enemy and cast al-wahn into your hearts.” Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah, what is al-wahn?” He replied, “Love of the world and dislike of death.” (Sunan Abu Dawud 4297)

A very important message to the ummah: for every person who claims he is a Muslim.

We believe in Allah, His Power and His Might. We believe in His Qualities, including that He is the Hearer, the Listener and the All Seeing. Nothing can happen without His Will or His Knowledge. Nothing can happen without His Taqdir. This means that everything has a wisdom and purpose.

Now, we should ask ourselves a few important questions. Allah SWT in the Qur’an and through Prophet Muhammad SAW promised us victory and dignity. But these promises come with a condition – it is for the believer.

When we watch what is happening, we should ask ourselves. First, why did Allah allow it to happen? If I hear news of the calamity that has befallen others, what is my responsibility? What does Allah want from me? What does Allah expect from me? What is my duty?

Do I go on with life as if nothing of their tragedy matters to me? Can I stop at crying and weeping? Is it sufficient to just chat and talk about the incidents?

We are all of different walks of life. What does Allah want from me, as an individual, male and female, young and old, learned and not learned, rich and poor?

Today, after all this talk, what is our reaction? We are waiting for a United Nations rescue, and for some superpower countries to help and broker a solution. Do you think this is what Allah wants from us?

We are in Ramadan, the month of Qur’an and the month of Allah SWT. With all that is happening to the ummah: the humiliation and suffering, the people who are suffering and the people who are watching, where is our faith in Allah SWT only?

This is what He wants. We only have to do one thing now, nothing else. Where is our sincere and sole belief in Allah? How can we make Allah be on our side?

We have two promises from Allah – the promise to disgrace, humiliate and torture, and the promise of victory: to elevate and support us and to be with us. The bottom line is that one promise is with us, and one promise is against us.

Is Allah with us right now or against us? Look at our lifestyles and the levels of violations we have in the way we conduct ourselves, with our own selves, with others and with Allah. Do we deserve to have our du’a accepted, and do we deserve Allah to be with us?

The Qur’an contains the news of the past, the present and the future. What will happen next? All you need is to examine your own characteristics against what the Qu’ran says and you will know what will happen and you will find all the answers.

The word “confusion” should not exist. The words “I don’t know what to do” should not exist. To just be sad and sorrowful, without doing anything else, is not accepted.

The noor or light of Allah is coming. The victory and support of Allah is coming. He promised, and His promise will never change. However, this promise is aimed only at certain people – the absolute and unconditional believer.

Now, we should ask ourselves, are we the cause of the disgrace of Islam and the message, or are we the cause of elevation of Islam and the message?

If you want a practical answer, and a real answer, you have to take the journey of iman, step by step. The solution comes from enetering into a journey to believe in Allah, and to believe without any doubt that the promise of Allah will be fulfilled, with or without us.

It is up to us to see where we will fit in, and which promise will apply to us. Allah SWT has promised that no village or town on earth will have a time where it will not be destroyed. The destruction is inevitable, but our question to ourselves is, how do we account to Allah?

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