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  1. The man and his wife who gave their all.

    I remember a long time ago there was a man and a woman who took care of a little boy so young he couldn’t take care of himself. Every day, the man would work all day with little income, come home tired yet still stopped on his way from work to bring the boy his favorite candy and toys, even took him out for ice cream when ever he cried. I wonder why the man even bothered.

    I remember that the woman was always sick, with severe arthritis that disfigured her fingers and always in pain, yet she cooked the boy his favorite meals everyday because he wouldnt eat anything else. She carried the boy in her arms walking back and forth to put him to sleep because thats the only way he would fall asleep, she often stayed up at night doing this. What a little brat! I wonder why she even bothered.

    I recall one day the boy fell sick and the woman stayed by his side praying to Allah for his recovery and staying awake pretty much all night nurturing him. During the night, the boy became agitated and kept asking the woman when he will get better and she would convince him that he’ll be ok very soon. Every few minutes he asked her the same question, about 40 times during the night, and each time she would politely answer him with amazing patience. Even though the man and his wife were very close to each other, he moved away seven seas across the world to earn better income just so this little dude could have an even better future. I wonder what made this boy so special and why both the man and the woman put up with this kid every day never giving up and always being there in his time of need. They sacrificed so much for him. I wonder why they even bothered…………that woman was my mother and the man my father and the little brat of course was me.

    I wonder why we change so much when we grow up, often we neglect the people who never neglected us, we get frustrated if our parents ask us the same question more than once. They are in their old age now and its their time of need, are we there for them? They wont be here for ever, nor will you. What sacrifices have we made for them? Myself, shamefully I cant think of even one I made. What part of our paychecks are we spending on them? they spent pretty much everything they earned, on us. Do we move out of the house when we are able to take care of ourselves or worse get rid of them when they get old and sick and relocate them to senior homes? If they live far away from us, when was the last time we sent them some gift or even a phone call?
    I wonder if we will even bother……

    Allah says Jannat is beneath the feet of your mother. When we enter Jannat (Inshallah) we will also meet our parents there as well. It will be at THEIR WILL to invite us to live in Jannat-ul-Firdaus(the highest and best level of Jannah) even if we are in the lowest level of Jannat.

    After reading this note, those of you whose parents are alive Mashallah you are blessed and very lucky. Make dua for them and with a big smile give your mother a big kiss on the cheek to acquire Allah’s happiness, take your parents out for dinner or buy something for them, call them if you are away from them, make peace with them if you dont talk with each other, and those of you who can afford take them for Hajj this year Inshallah (please also remember my parents in your prayers).

    Those of you whose parents are not in this world make dua for them and be sure to donate as many Quran-Sharif in mosques and madarsas, install in-ground water pumps in poor areas where there is lack of water and distribute food to the poor, all on your parent’s behalf. Their souls will be pleased with you and so will Allah.

    Dua for parents:
    Rabbighfir li wa liwalidayya wa lilmu”miniina yauma yaqumul’hisaab, Rabbirhamhuma kamaa rabbayaani sagheera.”

    O Lord, forgive me, my parents and Muslims in the Hereafter. O Lord, show mercy on them as they have nourished me when I was young.

    **please pray for my mother’s health as she is very sick and forward this note to as many people in ur emails and facebook contacts as possible I would really appreciate it thank you**

  2. Living life to the fullest!

    Ever heard people say ‘live life to the fullest’ or’ live like its gonna be your last day’? Yup, I hear it all the time, see it on people’s profiles etc….and you know our prophet Muhammad(SAW) said the same thing to live each day like it will be your last.

    But if you think living life to the fullest means partying or going on shopping sprees you couldnt be any wrong. If thats how you have lived so far and few years from now die of old age then you havent really lived a day, what a waste of life!

    Some of my friends say you only live once, we dont want to regret when we get 80yrs old that we didnt have all the fun we could, we want to tell our grand kids all the wild stories of our past. Ok, but what makes you so sure you’ll live to be 80….or even 40. Some of those friends aren’t alive today. One of them died of cancer a month ago, was diagnosed 5 months back and was told he had about 3 months to live. In those last 4 months of his life, he actually lived.

    What is the one thing that is absolutely guaranteed in life? Death. You may or may not get wealth, beauty, respect, health, job, happiness in life but life guarantees you death with an unbreakable promise. Yet we spend our lives running after things that aren’t even guaranteed.

    So boys and girls, be good to the people around you especially your parents,
    fear Allah, learn from prophet Muhammad’s(SAW) wisdom and live life to the fullest………..your 3 months can start right now.

  3. Asa,

    Glad you liked the articles. Im the person who also sent you the Islamic inspiration photos via my email few days ago.

  4. Arrogance

    Submitted by A grateful son (not verified) on Fri, 01/31/2014 – 06:35.

    Today I want to emphasize a few lines on a big problem facing all of us. Im guilty of it and Im sure some of you are too. Often we take ourselves to be better than some of the people around us. Sadly that may be our friends, family, neighbors even co-workers. Its nothing but an illusion and false pretense.

    What was Iblees’s(satan) one fault that Allah hated and condemned him for ever? “ARROGANCE”
    He refused to bow in sajda to Hazrat Adam on Allah’s command even though all creations including jinn, angels etc bowed. He stood out, refusing sajda while every one else did. He was the pioneer of arrogance, arrogance which created satan, arrogance which condemned him for ever, arrogance which Allah hates so much to this day.

    Yet it is the same arrogance which is eating us from the inside today. This is also the reason some of us have HUGE egos (which gets us no where and leads to self destruction). Some of us have nicer cars than others, or make more money, some of us may be better looking than others, or have achieved more in life than our peers, wear better clothes, live in nicer neighborhoods or go to better schools. Its not wrong to be proud of all those things but to turn that pride into a feeling of being better or superior than ones less privileged around you, thats arrogance. Now you stand out just like satan, giving an open invitation to Allah’s wrath. Dont judge others, since ONLY Allah can truly judge.

    Remember, arrogance is the root of jealousy, greed, hatred and ignorance; major reasons for war, ethnic violence and genocide all over the world today. Dont bring it into your homes and never make it part of your personalities.

    Its best to be humble. Our Prophet Mohammad(SAW) was the humblest of human beings. Be bold but polite, dauntless but courteous, and confident but humble+respectful.

    Next time you feel even a hint of arrogance, just think that (1)you’re made of mud (just like every one else) and one day will be made into it (just like every one else), (2)you came into this world with nothing and surely will leave with nothing either.

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