A woman came to Rasulullah SAW, asking advice about what was the best for her, meaning as a woman. He said, water and al athmad (powdered kohl, usually from Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which Arabic people use to decorate their eyes. You can buy it from any Islamic store). There are many ahadeeth about it, but let’s examine the advice.

Water : is the metaphor for cleanliness, because cleanliness for women is extremely important to keep her fresh, energetic and also to have a nice fragrance instead of an offensive odour. Water also is good for the hair and skin, and helps the digestion. It can also help in the time of physical relationships, believe it or not, as cleanliness is one of the most attractive features of a woman.

Al athmad : is very important to know the essence of the advice, which is the way a woman looks at others. Islamically, a look comes from manner and attitude, and the eyes are said to be the window to the soul. This is reflected in her relationship with her husband; the way a woman looks at her husband can really captivate him or put daggers in his heart! Biologically, Islamically, and through Arabic tradition, it is said that the two most important parts of a woman are the eyes and the tongue.

What does this mean? The eyes contain the message the woman carries in her heart for her husband. The tongue generates the communication and defines the status of the relationship and the amount of respect and love from the woman to her husband. The good looks with the eyes and the sweetness of the speech, including the tone and volume when a woman speaks, reflect her character and manner.

When you read the famous legendary story of Shehrezad, in 1001 Arabian Nights, the whole incident revolved about two things, the way she looked at her husband and the way she talked. What she was talking about was also important.

That is why even the dancers and singers in the early days were taught history, poems, different remedies for diseases and other skills to make them knowledgeable about life. These are in addition to skills such as dancing and singing – all this to be a complete package to attract her man with a conversation which is rich and meaningful, relevant to her husband, the condition and the circumstances. The attraction was not just in the body, but also in her keen mind.

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