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Mohammad migrates…

Mohammad could easily read the cold faces of Muslim population, that they were telling him leave the city, so he migrated to a different city. In this new city, he started living in a local madrassah, ate with poor Muslim children, slept on floor and learnt religious knowledge, just like a common man. From a man living a high-class life, he was now living a life of bare minimum. But, his iman was as solid as a rock. This experience made him stronger as it made him learn to fight against his own nafs.

Mohammad couldn’t get to his family for two reasons:-

1. He couldn’t appeal to court for his family’s release as allegedly his wife had appealed against him in a court of law against her forceful conversion.
2. He could not just rush-in and rescue them as the house was patrolled by local police round the clock.

Six months had passed since their separation, Mohammad staying in the new city and his family was still held captive in the old city. Mohammad devised a plan. His eldest son (aged 15) was secretly informed through some trusted friends of Mohammad that on an appointed day, a taxi would arrive at their place at midnight. After the taxi signalled s a horn, his wife with the six children were to board the taxi, which would take them all to the new location.

That appointed night came. His wife and children had been waiting impatiently and anxiously for that taxi. Peeping outside her window, Mohammad’s wife could notice the guards awake and patrolling. This was a test of her faith. As midnight approached, that taxi came and signalled a horn. Discreetly, she peeped once again. Allah had made all the four guards fell asleep! Nervously and stealthily, she gathered all her children and boarded the taxi, which drove them a long distance to a jungle. There they switched to another taxi which took them to Mohammad and thus Allah re-united the family.

Mohammad was so happy to see his family back but now he needed to decide where to take them, as he has no place to live. Mohammad remembers this incident very well and he described the following:

The taxi took them to a street and Mohammad came down the car, while his family was still in the car. He walked down a street towards a Masjid not knowing exactly what to do next. And now something unbelievable happened! Mohammad saw a man approaching him. The man asked him if he was in a need and that he was ready to do whatever he could to help him.

Mohammad was astonished. Why should a total stranger be so eager and enthusiastic to ask this question to Mohammad and willing to offer help without even knowing anything about him? The man replied that he was in masjid and stayed after salatul Fajr until Ishraaq time. Suddenly he felt sleepy and in a state of drowsiness saw a vision where a man (and according to some reports Prophet Mohammad SAW) came to him said to him that a man in need was walking down the street and that he should go to him and help him.

This man, after briefly hearing of the situation of Mohammad and his family, vowed to offer his own home to Mohammad so that Mohammad and his family could stay there as long as they wished. He himself shifted to a rented house with his own family, leaving everything including the furniture and food items for Mohammad’s family.

And this is how Allah SWT helped Mohammad and his family to get back on their feet. Mohammad, thankful but a responsible person at the same time stayed there for few months and in the meantime opened his own small business. After few months he thankfully left the house and shifted to a different house and thus started his new life…

Muhammad passed away in 2009, may Allah have mercy on his soul.

“If anyone wants to see a living companion (sahabe-e Rasool) walking on earth in 20th century, then he should see Mohammad.”—- An eminent scholar in India.

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