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Why do we need the Creator in our lives?

If you are reading this, then it means that you are a seeker for the truth.

Many people question whether there is indeed a Creator. And if there is, then how do we know that the Creator exists?

If you are wondering this, then think of yourself and your existence.

I am a human being. I did not create myself, so I must be a creation. How have I been created? I have a body, and I have a soul.

I can see my body. I know what my body needs. I know that my body needs food, drink, rest, medication, protection and clothing. I know that there are necessary comforts my body needs to protect myself from the cold, heat and hunger. I know that there are certain things that my body needs which are different from others; maybe my body needs sweets, whereas other people need salt. But I know what I need to keep my body in good shape. I know how much to eat, how much to rest, how much to exercise. I know what I need to do to maintain my body in good shape.

What is the soul? It is the essence of my existence, it is what gives my body life. I cannot see my soul, and I cannot see the souls of other people. But something inside me knows that there is something that gives me life, that makes my heart beat, and makes me have feelings such as happiness, hope and fear. I can’t feel it or touch it, but I know it is there inside me. It is my soul that gives my body life and makes me human. When the soul leaves the body, my body will stop functioning, my eyes will stop seeing, my brain will stop processing information, my internal organs will stop functioning, and all that is left of my body will be a mass of decaying skin, flesh, tissue and bones. I cannot see the souls of other people after they have died, but I know that once someone’s heart stops beating, something leaves them. Their life force. Their soul.

Just like my physical body, my soul also has needs. But different kinds of need, different kinds of food, and different kinds of protection. It needs caring, calmness, tranquility, peace, love, harmony, security, and assurance in order to be healthy and happy. My soul hates trauma, uncertainty, anger, hopelessness. Just like my soul, I cannot see all these emotions with my own eyes, these are all a form of energy which is intangible, but which my soul can sense and experience.

According to some, there is no life after death. According to others, the soul never dies.

Which one should I believe? Why does life happen the way it does?

Sometimes we are fine, sometimes we feel sad. Sometimes we are healthy, and suddenly we become ill, or injure ourselves. Some days end in ways we did not imagine when we woke up. Think of all the sudden changes in life: a phone call, an email, a birth, a death, a letter, a traffic jam, a news article, and suddenly everything in our life changes.

Life is uncertain. We make plans, but we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We keep planning, yet things happen that we cannot expect. We don’t go to the schools we want; we get different jobs from what we hoped for; we don’t marry the person we thought we would; and we meet people we never expected to meet. There is a lot of uncertainty in life. What does this mean? It means that our future is hidden, we cannot predict the course of our lives, and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

However, even if the future is uncertain, one thing is true for all of us. Yesterday we were young, today we are old, and tomorrow we will die.

Nobody will live forever. We cannot deny this. We will not be healthy forever. We cannot stay young forever. We cannot pick a moment in life and freeze it in time. Life goes on. Nothing is permanent. Not happiness, not sadness, not even life itself.

As human beings we fear uncertainty. We try to create our own future because we are afraid of the unknown, so we try to take away that unknown factor by trying to take things in our own hands, by planning. However, look back into your own lives. Ten years ago, you made plans for your life. Five years later, how many of them came true? Five years ago, you formulated your five-year plan, with your goals, targets and objectives. Today, how much of that planning came true? Good or bad, whether missed opportunities, or new ones that you did not predict, how many events happened that altered the course of your five year plan?

So, if the future is unknown, how do we handle it? What knowledge do we need to support us in the journey of life so that we don’t go crazy, so that we can keep calm and not lose hope or get desperate when things do not work out the way we planned? How do we get through life without harming ourselves or each other, and how do I feed my soul when everything changes all the time?

Who will guide us through all this uncertainty? How can we cope with all the ups and downs of life, and still have peace and happiness? How do we raise ourselves from the darkness of uncertainty to the light of enlightenment and peace? The way someone created our bodies, this earth, the stars, the moon, the universe, there is a Creator behind all these events.

If you are sincere, the answer is there. You just need to search for it, and you can seek it by using the heart, the centre of your soul. Let your unseen soul communicate with your unseen Creator.

Look within yourself. Find a secluded place, a tranquil spot, away from all the noise and distraction of traffic, television, emails, radio, traffic and mobile phones. Find a quiet and peaceful spot, and raise your hand to the sky. Say:

“Oh the Creator!
The One who created the sky and the earth, what I see and what I do not see.
The One who has created the known and the unknown. Please guide me. Allow me to see.
Guide me to happiness. Guide me to the nourishment of my soul.
Be with me. I need wisdom, vision, light, knowledge to enable me to handle life in a comfortable way and to show how I can act or react.
I need guidance on how to deal with all kinds of different situations.
I need to learn how to be humble, for I don’t control my own destiny no matter how hard I plan.
I realize I need You. I need Your support and help.
I am so weak, sometimes I feel so lost and hopeless.
I need a sense of direction. Please guide me, show me the way.”

If you are young, you need to be ready when you get old. If you are old, you have a short time before leaving this life in comfort, meaning you leave this life with the mercy and communication with the Creator. There is a Creator; the proof is in the creation that you see all around you. The Creator deserves to be acknowledged and to be thanked for all His bounty – air, water, food, and our very existence.

Life can be full of beautiful meaning, and this beauty has nothing to do with money, or status, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, or children. Life will be beautiful if we attend to our souls, and attend to their basic needs to communicate and to join with the One who created them. We need to connect our soul to its Creator, the One who gives and takes, and in ways we cannot comprehend.

There is a way of finding happiness, tranquility, and the ability to be in this life in a harmonious way.

Join this journey to gain the most important knowledge in your life. To the One who can lead you to all you are looking for and more, to the ultimate happiness, to overcome any obstacle, calamity or hardship; things you do not desire or like.

Keep listening and call the Creator, the Almighty for guidance. Keep calling Him, with your tongue, with your mind and most importantly, with your heart.

“Oh the One who created me, please show me what the purpose of my living is, and why I am here, and what will happen to me after death. Please guide me, show me your light…..”

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