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Which religion?

Religion is a set of convictions which one practices in order to connect with our Creator and please Him the best. In here we invite you to believe in the only One. The One who created you and can give you happiness and success in this life and for your soul after death.

There are too many religions, and too many different understandings and ideologies. Each one claims they are the only one. What is the best path to connect with our Creator?

We are here to ask you to seek the truth, to seek your own soul. If your intention is sincere, the truth will be shown to you in multitudes of ways.

Call the Creator. Retreat to a quiet and secluded place, away from the chaos and interferences of daily life: the beach, the mountain, the forest. Go anywhere where you can be at peace and alone with your thoughts. Raise your hand to the sky and call Him:

“I need You.
Guide me, my Creator.
Guide me to You.
Light my heart to Your way.
Humble me to You.
I need You.
I need Your guidance.”

We are now in the journey of seeking guidance. This knowledge we share with you to help you to seek the true path. Yet it can only work and help you if you are sincerely seeking guidance, without any hidden agenda, prejudice or preconceptions. Humble yourself to the status of a seeker of guidance: meaning you sincerely believe that you need guidance, food of the soul, to know where you are going in life and where you will go after death.

At this time you have to be a seeker of the truth. You have to desire and want to know the journey of the soul after death and how you can achieve the success, happiness of your soul and the life after death, and the transition between this life and life after death.

Once you are really interested and value this issue, we promise you the knowledge we share with you will lead you to the happiness for infinity. The only One who can give it to you is the Creator, because after death no money or material means in this life can help you or go with you in your journey in the afterlife. We all know that our wealth or whatever we own or we think we own cannot be buried with us or in any way benefit us after we have died. How many elderly people are chronically ill, suffering for years until they die and all this time their own wealth cannot ease their pain or ward death off. Look at the people around you that those who die take nothing with them.

This is the call to humble yourself to the Power of the Almighty One and to wake up from the illusion and the status of life. However young you are, however healthy, sooner or later, unless death overtakes you first, you will get older and eventually you will die. After that, your unseen journey after death will begin, and there is no turning back.

Just because the state of the afterlife is unknown does not make it unreal. A baby in the womb is incapable of comprehending its next stage of life, after which he leaves the comforting darkness of his mother’s belly into this world. His life in the womb has ended, but it is not the end. He travels to a different stage in life, from which there is no turning back. Similar to death, it is the next stage of our lives from which there is no turning back to the comforts of this world. Just because we have not emerged on the other side does not mean the other side does not exist.

If our lives, as it were, simply ended at our last breaths, then it means that life was entirely worthless, a series of events with a random finish line, with plenty of our affairs in this world uncompleted and rendered pointless, matters left hanging, with no reward for being good or retribution for being evil. Our most basic senses will tell us that life cannot be that meaningless – there must be something more, there must be a POINT to why we lived. It is the belief in the afterlife that gives our own lives meaning and direction – but which way do we go? What road do we travel?

This is why we invite you to the knowledge to the correct Book, to the correct Map. If you follow it, it will lead you to the happiness and tranquility.

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