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Did you know that this Ramadan you can be a millionaire? All it takes is one day, one raka’ah or one sajdah to be a millionaire.

If you want to be a multi millionaire or even a billionaire, you can but only in Ramadan. Do you want to know how?

Just for you, I will give you the answer. In Ramadan, according to authentic hadith, Rasulullah SAW promised that all deeds from fard obligations is multiplied by 70, and that the deeds from all sunnah will be elevated equal to a fard. What does this have to do with Ramadan? Be patient, very soon I can lead you to how to be a billionaire in Ramadan.

According to authentic hadith one raka’ah in the Haram in Mekkah is equivalent to 100,000 raka’ah. All the fard salah are multiplied by 70 during Ramadan. Put all the zeroes together … and it will give you 7,000,000. So, if you are able to make one salah or one raka’ah in the Haram during Ramadan, you will be a millionaire!

Let’s add up 17 raka’ah fard, plus 20 raka’ah terawih plus approximately 13 raka’ah sunnah and nawafil and it will be 50 raka’ah per day. Now, multiply 50 x 7 million, will give you 350 million, per day.

This does not include every dhikr, calling Allah, all the money you spend and your other good deeds which are multiplied by the same. Meaning, in a few days in the Haram in Mekkah, with a little bit of effort, you can be a billionaire!

Not in terms money, but in something higher. In the most beneficial business you can ever have, because all these rewards will lead you to a beautiful real estate, with full pleasure, tax free, disease free, no aging, no weather change, worry free, (forgive me, you can have a weather change if you like!) and pleasure for infinity, because these millions you earn in the Haram in Mekkah in Ramadan will lead you to a precious piece in the most expensive and beautiful real estate that will ever exist – jannah.

Add to that the rahmah from Allah, which is higher than all of the above, and add to that, if you can perform umrah in Ramadan, that umrah is equal to hajj with Rasulullah SAW. In Madinah, when you visit Rasulullah SAW and give him salam, it can be equal to his shafa’a (intercession) insha Allah. One raka’ah in Madinah equals 1000, multiplied by 70 during Ramadan.

When you visit Masjid Quba, two raka’ah in Masjid Quba is equivalent to one umrah. In less than 4 days, you can come back a multi millionaire, or billionaire and insha Allah, you will earn a beautiful real estate in jannah, with all the pleasure included, including eternal youth and beauty. These few days can potentially give you more than the world and all it contains.

All you have to do, is to set you intention quickly, and go for umrah in Ramadan for more than three days. One day will make you a millionaire, and if you spend 3-4 days, you will become a billionaire. If Allah accepts your worship, you will meet Allah with billions of salah in your book.

If you take a regular day of salah, it is basically 17 raka’ah of fard. Let’s say you are pious, with the sunnah and the extra, let’s say 50 raka’ah a day x 365 days = 18,250.

This is the amount of raka’ah per year for a beautiful Muslim who does 50 raka’ah a day. Le’t round it upwards to 20,000 raka’ah per year for easy calculation.

One raka’ah in Mekah in Ramadan equals 7,000,000 million. Divided by 20,000 which is the amount of raka’ah per year, will be equal to 350.

Meaning one raka’ah in Mekkah during Ramadan equals 350 years of worship. Just one raka’ah!

One day of salah in Mekkah, at 50 raka’ah per day x 350 years will give you 17,500 years of worship. One day in Mekkah in Ramadan means that your activity and worship will be 17,500 years of worship. This does not include your dhikr, and expenses, and taking care of the needy, which will be multiplied the same way. Insha Allah, if this is accepted, it will be a complete pure savings of billions, and when you die you will find it in your “Bank Ilahi”, in your personal account with Allah. Further, if Allah opens for you, He can multiply this number the way He wants.

Now the big question. How many of us attend seminars, college, obtain a degree, Master’s degree, or a PhD, which sometimes totals 10 years of difficult studies, and add another 10-20 years of working very hard to achieve the dream of being a millionaire or a billionaire. Now, Allah SWT is advertising to you that you can be a real millionaire worth a lot of happiness for infinity with only 2-4 days of effort. According to where you live, what kind of accommodation you want, and your type of travel arrangement, this can cost you a small amount compared to the amount of rewards: a precious dream trip that can give you happiness for infinity, and maybe one of these raka’ah can save you from the torture for infinity.

Today, you have a chance and tomorrow you may not. Very soon, this door can be closed, either by a change of heart, lack of iman, illness or death. The opportunity is open to be a millionaire, billionaire or even multi billionaire if you want. And you can spend more days if you want, and you can calculate the rewards yourself.

Do you ever think about a wish or something that you would like to achieve? This is an extra bonus that comes with all this bounty. The first time you look to the Ka’bah shareefah, Allah accepts your supplication or wish. Add to that daily, you are drinking zamzam water, the most holy water on earth and the ultimate bonus, to achieve the pleasure of Allah. It is bonus after bonus after bonus…

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