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Islam is divided into duties to Allah and duties to the creations of Allah.

The first part comprises of things such as salat, Hajj and fasting, which is our religious rituals between us and Allah.

The second part is our role in society – our manners, the way we treat others, the compassion, caring and support we give those around us and the Muslim ummah, as well as commanding the right and forbidding the wrong and establishing justice.

We will be questioned about both these roles.

Hence, if your life is filled with worship and Quranic recitation, but you have done nothing for those around you, you have not fulfilled your obligations as a Muslim. It is the same the other way around – if you are helpful, just and generous, but don’t observe the elements of worship, you have also failed in your duties as a Muslim.

In reality, so many of us recite the Quran, go for classes, multiple umrah and Hajj, yet are oblivious to the needy, the poor and do not speak out against injustice or corruption. We just busy ourselves with rituals and ignore that we are part of a bigger society who have rights upon us.

Let us have a more balanced approach so that we fulfil both rights required of us in Islam.

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