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Hadith Reference:

Jabir Ibn ‘Abduallah (may Allah be pleased with him, said), “The Messenger of Allah SAW took me by the hand one day and (led me) to his house, and some pieces of bread were brought to him.

He said, “Is there any condiment?”

They said, “No, except a little vinegar.”

He said, “Vinegar is a good condiment.”

Jabir said: “I have not stopped liking vinegar since I heard that from the Prophet of Allah SWT.” (Muslim)


Just like everything else approved and encouraged by our Prophet SAW, vinegar is a very valuable and beneficial substance. It is a liquid condiment with a sharp, pungent taste and smell.

Vinegar is a famous remedy for many ailments in traditional Islamic and Arabic medicine. Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said, “Vinegar is beneficial for an inflamed stomach, it suppresses bile and wards off the harm of some strong medicines. It benefits the spleen, and softens heavy food. If it is heated and used as a mouthwash, it is good for toothache and strengthens the gum.”

Ar-Razi adds to this saying vinegar dries up the stomach and quenches thirst. It is cool and eases the heat of burn better than anything else. It stimulates the appetite, helps with digestion, generates wind, and counteracts mucus.

Apple Cider vinegar is considered to be the most beneficial kind of vinegar. If drunk with water, it is an excellent remedy for colds. It prevents diarrhea and stimulates the digestion and metabolism in the body. It prevents tooth decay. It kills parasites in the intestines and generally cleanses the intestines. It can be used to improve digestion in those who are deficient in stomach acids. It also helps overcome insomnia. Topical application of cider vinegar can help remove ringworms. Recently, apple cider vinegar has been gaining popularity for its ability to aid in weight loss.

Alternative uses:

Vinegar is used for treating head lice and destroying nits. It is also applied to the head to treat baldness. Cornstarch mixed with vinegar can be applied to the skin to relieve itching. Ulcers and skin wounds may be washed with it, and it can also be applied to the chest and abdomen as a general tonic after being diluted with water. It also helps reduce headaches when applied to the foreheads of the patients who are suffering from fever. It can be used as a mouthwash and gargle to strengthen gums, stop bleeding, and purify the mouth.

Though vinegar’s regular use is highly beneficial, its overuse upsets the stomach and causes pain, indigestion, and stomach ache, and may lead to ulcers in some cases. When taken in moderation, vinegar can really enhance the quality of life.

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